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CfAO | Year Four
Center for Adaptive Optics
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CfAO Year Four Calendar: November 2002 - October 2003

Nov 3-8 Galactic Center Workshop 2002
Nov 7-10 Fall Science and Education Retreat at UCLA Conference Center, Lake Arrowhead
Nov 11-15 Centers of Galaxies, Castle Ringberg, Tegernsee, Germany
Dec 12-15 American Academy of Optometry Meeting
Jan 5-9 201st Meeting of the AAS, Seattle, WA
Jan 27-31 Globular Clusters: Formation, Evolution and the Role of Compact Objects, Santa Barbara, CA
Jan 29 SPIE-Photonics West MOEMS and Minaturized Systems III Workshop in San Jose
Mar 1-3 Houston 50th Anniversary
Mar 21-23 CfAO Spring Proposal Retreat 2003
Mar 28-29 External Advisory Board Meeting
Apr 3-8 B&L Meeting
Apr 15-17 5 Year Renewal Site Visit
Apr 22-25 Towards Other Earths-Darwin/TPF and the Search for Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets, Heidelberg, Germany
May 4-9 Arvo (Vision Science)
May 13-18 Grad/Postdoc Professional Development Workshop in Maui, HI
May 20-24 Internship Orientation at Maui Community for interns working in Maui Technology
May 25-29 202nd Meeting of the AAS
June 8-12 Future Directions in High Resolution Astronomy: A celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the VLBA, Socorro, New Mexico
June 23-27 CLEO Europe: Symposium on Adaptive Optics, Munich, Germany
June 23-29 Internship Orientation, UCSC
June 29-30 COSMOS, (begins) UC Santa Cruz
June 30 Proposal Review Committee Meeting (PRC)
July 1 Proposal Review Committee Meeting (PRC)
July 2 Program Advisory Committee Meeting (PAC)
July 1-26 COSMOS (cont.), UC Santa Cruz
July 6-11 Gordon Research Conference on Origins of Solar Systems, Roger Williams College, Bristol, Rhode Island
July 13-26 XXVth International Astronomical Union General Assembly, Sydney, Australia
July 22-25 Star Formation at High Angular Resolution, Darling Harbor, Sydney, Australia
Aug 2-5 Aberrations Meeting, Mopane, South Africa (Vision Science)
Aug 9-15 Summer School on Adaptive Optics
Aug 9-12 CfAO Interns at UCSC
Aug 19-20 STC Directors Meeting at UCSC
Oct 5-9 OSA Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ (Vision)
Oct 13-16 Multi-Wavelength Mapping of Galaxy Evolution, Venezia, Italy
Oct 30 - November 2 Fall Science and Education Retreat

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