The Center for Adaptive Optics Fall Retreat provides a forum for researchers in the adaptive optics fields to share current results, plan future collaborations, and generally interact in an informal mountain lake setting. Adaptive optics topics on the agenda can include Astronomical AO science, AO technology development, AO for Vision Science and Biological Imaging, AO Educational Outreach and any other innovative theme within the scope of Adaptive Optics.

This year's retreat will feature guest speaker Dr. Scott Acton:

"Big Telescopes: From the Keck Observatory to Beyond the Moon"

Scott is a research scientist at the Ball Aerospace corporation developing optical systems for the James Webb Space Telescope. Prior to this he was on teams that deployed the Keck Adaptive Optics System and adaptive optics for the spaceborne solar observatory. He is a pioneer in techniques for precision wavefront sensing and alignment and is a very entertaining speaker.

The CfAO, once an NSF Science and Technology Center open to members only, has now opened its activities to all interested participants. We are affiliated with the world's largest astronomical observatories (both operating and planned) and with several AO-reseaching institutes in vision and biology.

The Retreat kicks off with Dinner and evening presentation by our guest speaker on Friday, November 14. Plan on arriving in the afternoon for check-in to the Conference Center. The Retreat will conclude at Noon on Sunday the 16th, and attendees are invited to stay for lunch.

The exact program will depend on participant interests but traditionally include:

  • AO for astronomy science - Galactic center, exo-planets, star-formation regions, galaxy formation, active galaxies, etc.
  • AO astronomical instrumentation - new technologies and techniques for high-contrast, wide-field, multi-laser guidestar instruments. System design and modeling, and operations.
  • AO for biomedical application - adaptive optic microscopy, deep tissue imaging, imaging of the retina, vision and acuity research
  • AO teaching and outreach - methods of teaching in science and technology areas related to AO, inquiry based learning, professional preparation and development, project management education.

Review prior year retreat agendas and summaries here.

For more retreat information email mpelagio@ucolick.org