CfAO Summer School
on Adaptive Optics 2021

August 16th - August 20th, 2021

University of California, Santa Cruz

CfAO Summer School on Adaptive Optics 2021

Center for Adaptive Optics (CfAO) at the University of California, Santa Cruz

Held virtually, this workshop provides professional instruction in the field of Adaptive Optics by speakers renowned for their contributions to this interdisciplinary field.

Appropriate for scientists, engineers, researchers, and technicians at the graduate level and above, this workshop combines lectures and facilitated laboratory activities with working adaptive optics systems.

Lecture Topics:

• Introduction to Adaptive Optics
• Geometric and Wave Optics
• Atmospheric Turbulence
• Adaptive Optics control theory
• Wavefront sensing and reconstruction
• Deformable mirror technology
• Instrumentation for Adaptive Optics systems
• Adaptive Optics system design
• Adaptive Optics system simulation
• Measuring AO system performance
• Applications of AO, including biology and astronomy


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