AO Summer School 2014
Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to attend AO Summer School. Where do I start?
The online registration for AO Summer School is available on the CfAO website.

What is the refund policy?
There is a 10% service charge for processing refunds if the request is made before July 11, 2014. All registration fees will be forfeited for cancellations after July 11, 2014. Note: Substitution of a comparable participant is acceptable at any time.

My institution requires me to get funding approval before I can pay my registration fees, is this okay?
You should have this approval before applying for AO Summer School because a credit card payment is required at the end of the registration process. Please email us at if you have any difficulties or questions while registering.

What is UC Santa Cruz like?

The UCSC campus is located on a hillside above the vacation town of Santa Cruz, California. The campus buildings are nestled in lovely redwood groves, and many offer spectacular views of Monterey Bay, a 10-minute drive away. The local coastline, which can be enjoyed from West Cliff Drive or from the Santa Cruz Wharf, is home to several famous surfing spots including Steamers Lane.

I've registered, made my payment, and received my confirmation email. What's next?
We suggest that you read carefully through the entire AO Summer School website and familiarize yourself especially with the accommodations, travel information, and what you will need to bring with you. UC Santa Cruz is a spectacular and unique campus and learning about it and the surrounding area in advance will make your stay even more enjoyable. Foreign Travelers: obtaining a visa can take a long time, please apply early to allow for this possibility. The refund policy will still apply if you must cancel due to an inability to obtain a visa in a timely manner.

When does instruction start?
Instruction begins on Sunday, August 3 at 2:00 PM. Two sessions will be presented that afternoon, and ALL students are expected to attend, so please make your travel plans accordingly.

Can I use my laptop?
There is an Ethernet connection in all of the campus apartments. Bring an Ethernet cable if you want to access the internet from your apartment room. Please visit for configuration information. Many areas of the campus have WiFi and the staff at the Conference Office will be happy to give you locations. They also offer complimentary limited email access from an office computer for conference guests.

What’s the weather like?
The weather in Santa Cruz is very pleasant, but variable – the days are generally warm, and mornings and evenings are almost always cool. It can be foggy and cold on some summer days. The key is dressing in layers, so bring a jacket and/or sweater. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes as many areas on the campus are hilly and on uneven terrain.

What is my room like - What should I bring?
Participants staying on campus will be housed in student apartments. (Please visit the student housing site for more information.) These four-bedroom suites share common areas - living and dining rooms, kitchen and bathroom. All beds are twin-sized. If you are sharing a room, there will be two beds in the room. Being student apartments, they contain few amenities. Alarm clocks, personal toiletries, etc. are not provided. Bed linens, two towels and a washcloth will be provided. You may request additional towels, blankets etc. from the Conference Services office, but you may prefer to bring your own from home. Note: Please do not lose your room key as you will be responsible for the $75 replacement charge.

Where do I park my car?
Participants with vehicles will receive a permit upon check-in. (For participants staying on-campus, the cost of the permit is included in your lodging costs. For participants staying off-campus, the cost is $35. (Be sure to request a permit when you register.) Parking for conferences is limited to specific lots and may not be near the lecture hall. We encourage all participants to carpool or take commuter shuttles whenever possible. Participants who do not park in designated parking areas will receive a parking ticket. Payment of parking tickets is the responsibility of the participant.

What kind of food is served?
All meals (except catered events) will be served in a student campus dining hall. You will have several entrée options at each meal and vegetarian options are always included. A meal card or ticket will be given to you upon check-in. Do not lose this card; replacement cards are $10 and will be the responsibility of the participant. Please contact the Conference Office if you lose your card.

Can I smoke on the campus?
No smoking is permitted on campus.

Is there a restaurant on campus?
Joe’s Pizza and Subs (831.459.3066) and the Baytree Bookstore (831.459.1337) are located in Quarry Plaza near the center of campus. The Express Store at the Baytree Bookstore offers snacks and drinks to take out Monday through Saturday. McHenry Library on campus is home to the Global Village Cafe. Beverage and snack machines are located throughout campus, but access may be limited.

Are there any banks on campus?
There are no banks on the UCSC campus. There are ATM machines located just across from the Baytree Bookstore in the center of campus.

Based on comments from previous Summer School attendees, what do I most want to know/remember?
• Remember to bring an Ethernet cable so you can connect in your room.
• Remember to bring several layers of clothing - it can get quite cold in the evenings or on foggy days.
• You can get blankets and more towels at the Conference Center office.