AO Summer School

The 11th Annual Summer School on Adaptive Optics will once again be held on the UC Santa Cruz campus. We encourage everyone to stay on campus in the student apartments while you attend the daily presentations. Please read through the following information carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

Instruction begins on Sunday, August 8 at 2:00pm. Please be sure to follow the Check-in procedure below. All participants, including those staying off campus, and instructors, must check-in at the Central Conference Office upon arrival.

Official check-in at the Central Conference Office:
• Sunday, August 8 from 7:00am - 10:00pm
• Monday, August 9 - Friday, August 13 from 7:00am - 8:00pm

Late Arrivals / Flight Delays
The UCSC campus is difficult to navigate after nightfall. We recommend arriving during daylight hours. **If your flight is delayed and you will be arriving to campus later than expected, please call the Conference Office: (831) 502-7004. They are open until 10:00pm on Sunday, August 8 and will be able to assist you.**

If you know that you will be arriving between 8:00pm and 1:00am, email or call us at (831) 459-5592 by Thursday, July 29; special arrangements are required. Upon your late arrival (after 10:00pm) on campus, drive in the main entrance (at High and Bay Streets) and pull over at the kiosk on the right, and ask the attendant at the Kiosk to please call the Community Safety Officer at College 9/10 to get you into your room. The next morning, check in at the Central Conference Office to get your room key, meal card, and parking permit. Be sure to put your parking permit in your car immediately! Parking is strictly enforced on campus and you will be responsible for paying a ticket. Please note: Guests arriving after 1:00am will be stopped at the university entrance kiosk and requested to make arrangements at a nearby hotel.

Lodging on-campus

Room keys, parking permits and mealcards will be handed out upon check-in at the Conference Office. Do not loose your room key or meal card. Replacement room keys are $75 and will be the responsibility of the participant. Please contact the Conference Office right away if you loose your key or meal card.

• Participants staying on campus will be housed in student apartments. These four-bedroom suites share common areas - living and dining room, kitchen and bathroom. All beds are twin size. If you have a single room you will have 1 twin size bed in your room. If you chose a double room, there will be 2 twin size beds. The apartments contain few amenities and we recommend bringing your own alarm clock and personal toiletries. Bed linens, 2 towels and a washcloth will be provided. If you like the feel of your own towels, by all means please bring them with you.

• The bedrooms are equipped with a telephone, and local and campus calls are complimentary. Long distance calling cards can be purchased at the Conference Office.

Each room has an Ethernet connection, but you must bring your own Ethernet cable. For specifics to getting connected click here.

International Students: if you are bringing your own electrical appliances, please bring a power converter and plug adapter that works for the United States' electrical system.

Lodging off-campus / Parking on-campus

(Only Faculty/Staff, Industry Participants & Invited Lecturers are eligible to stay off campus.)

• Those choosing to stay off-campus will still need to check-in at the Conference Center. You will receive a parking permit and meal tickets for the week. Parking on campus is extremely limited and a parking permit IS requied for all vehicles to park on campus. Arrive early to avoid frustration and a parking ticket. Click here for a map of all Conference permit parking lots.


Meals provided begin with dinner on Sunday, August 8 and go through lunch on Friday, August 13 (unless you have added an extra night's lodging, which would include Friday's dinner and breakfast on Saturday) at College 9/10 Dining Commons. The hours are:

Breakfast: 7:00am to 8:30am
Lunch: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Dinner: 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Please note that these are the assigned dining times for our participants. Please be sure to arrive on time. Refer to the agenda for the time in which lecture breaks occur. Meal cards or tickets will be issued to you when you check-in. Please do not loose these. Replacement meal cards are $10 and will be the responsibility of the participant.


Please visit the College 9/10 Conference Office to check-out: you will need to sign out, and turn in your room key and meal card. Please note: Special arrangements must be made ahead of time for visitors that need to check-out before 7:00am. Please see the College 9/10 Conference Office for more details.

General Information about Staying on the UC Campus

HOURS: 7:00am - 8:00pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK
PHONE: (831) 502-7004
UCSC General Campus Map

Conference Office

• The office is staffed with student Conference Assistants who coordinate check-ins, check-outs, and are a resource for routine information and services.
• Telephone Messages (dial 9 before the number for on-campus calls/6 before the number for off-campus calls)
• Conference attendees may give the Conference Office telephone number (831) 502-7004, to family members for emergency messages only. A Conference Office staff member will be available for messages from 7:00am-10:00pm daily, and the staff will make every attempt to deliver emergency messages as soon as possible. If you need to reach a conferee after 10:00pm please call Campus Dispatch at (831) 459-4861. Emergency messages only will be taken after hours and will be routed to the Campus Police Department. Please call 911 for all life and safety emergencies.

Medical Attention

Medical Services – Please contact us immediately if you need medical assistance

  • UCSC Student Health Center – located on McLaughlin Drive, across the street from
    College 9/10. M,T,TH,F: 8:30am – 4:30pm; W: 9:30am – 4:30pm: MAP
    Phone: (831) 459-2211
  • Santa Cruz Medical Urgent Care – Monday-Friday 9:00am - 9:00pm
    Saturday-Sunday 9:00am - 6:00pm, 1203 Mission Street, Santa Cruz
    Phone: (831) 458-6310
  • Dominican Hospital (24-hour emergency care) – 1555 Soquel Drive, Santa Cruz
    Phone General: (831) 462-7700

For emergencies, please dial 911.

Campus Safety & Security

• UC Santa Cruz maintains a full-time police and fire department on campus, which can respond to emergencies on a 24-hour basis. In an emergency please call 911.
• Only those on University business, or guests of the University, are allowed on campus after 8:00pm. Kiosk attendants at both campus entrances stop all vehicles.
• Community Safety Officers (CSO's) patrol campus each evening from 7:15pm to 2:35am. They provide safety escorts between locations for guests, ensure building security and assist participants with lock-outs after regular office hours on a nightly basis. If you are in need of a CSO's assistance (and the Conference Office has closed for the evening), please call campus dispatch at (831) 459-2100. If calling from a University phone please dial 9-2100.
• UCSC assumes no responsibility for a participant's personal property. We request that expensive items not be left in the apartments, or meeting rooms. Please report suspicious behavior to the Conference Office or call University Police.
• Illegal drugs, fireworks, explosives, and all weapons are prohibited on the UCSC campus. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in apartments only and are not permitted in any areas occupied by youth programs at any time.
• Please do not approach or attempt to feed any wildlife on campus. Dogs and other pets are prohibited.
• Quiet hours are in effect campus-wide from 10:00pm - 8:00am.