Immediately following the retreat, we will host a one-day workshop on laser systems and technology for astronomy. The discussion is focused on the issues of producing artificial guide star beacons for AO systems on large aperture ground based telescopes. Topics of interest include:

  • Laser guidestar return models and measurements
  • Theory of sodium layer excitation as a function of laser format
  • Measurement standards (photometry, receiver filters, number of measurements and averaging, normalizing for latitude and seasonal variation, etc)
  • On-telescope commissioning experience
  • Approaches to laser beam transport including beam relay optics, fiber optics, and lunch telescope design.
  • Laser safety, aircraft and satellite predictive avoidance measures, coordination with aviation and space authorities.
  • Reports from laser suppliers

We are open to additional suggestions for topics. Please contact the conference organizer.

For registration: select "Laser Guidestar Workshop" in the Fall Retreat Registration.

It is possible to attend either or both the Retreat and the Workshop.

The Laser Workshop begins on Sunday, November 16 just after lunch and continues through noon on Monday November 17. Attendees are invited to come to both lunches.

Link to workshop presentations

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