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CfAO Fall Science Retreat 2009

Thursday, November 5 - Sunday, November 8
UCLA Conference Center at Lake Arrowhead, California
Registration Deadline: Friday October 2, 2009


The Fall Retreat provides Center members and invitees with a forum for sharing their current research results, for planning collaborations, and for informal interactions. This, the final NSF-funded retreat, will include a look back at the last 10 years of accomplishments and forward to future applications of Adaptive Optics. AO topics on the agenda will be based on the Themes: Extremely Large Telescopes, Extreme Adaptive Optics and Vision Science.
As in previous years, there will be a two-day Laser Workshop (November 8 & 9) immediately following the retreat. The workshop in Laser Technology and Systems for Astronomy is designed to foster information exchange between laser system developers for astronomy and scientists studying the interaction of the mesospheric sodium with laser light. Because space is limited, this workshop is by invitation only. Click here for more information on the workshop. Invitees please contact Don Gavel at gavel@ucolick.org or 831-459-5464.


  • Arrival: Thursday, 5 November
    * Poster Set-Up: (Register to bring a poster. Be sure to include the title.)
    * Late afternoon wine and beer reception
    * Dinner and an evening session

  • Departure: Sunday, 8 November after lunch

  • Laser Technology & Systems for Astronomy Workshop (By invitation only. Contact Don Gavel)
    Sunday and Monday, November 8 & 9
    The purpose of the workshop is to continue to foster information interchange between laser users and laser developers, to discuss the challenging problems or limitations in laser performance, and to create potential collaborations. For more details please see the Laser Workshop 2009.


Registration is open through Friday October 2, 2009. Registration for the Fall Reteat is by Invitation Only. An invitation will be emailed to you and will contain a special link FOR YOU ONLY. Do not forward your link to anyone else; due to the mechanics of the system, their registration will override and eliminate yours. If you feel someone was omitted from the invitation list, please contact CfAO as soon as possible.


The UCLA Conference Center (located at Lake Arrowhead, California) is only 90 mostly freeway miles from Los Angeles (two hours) and one and a half hours from Orange County.

• Driving Directions from Southern California

• Driving Directions from the Ontario Airport

The closest airport is the Ontario Airport (ONT), a 90-minute drive to Lake Arrowhead. Southwest Airlines offers many direct flights.

An alternate airport is the Orange County Airport (SNA), a 2 to 2 1/2 hour drive to Lake Arrowhead. (Please see note below about transportation from the Orange County Airport.)

The Super Shuttle will take you to the UCLA Conference Center from the Ontario Airport. If possible, please book your shuttle with others, as the cost is much less with each person that travels on the Shuttle. For example, the cost is $97 each way for the first person from the Ontario Airport to the UCLA Conference Center, and $9 for each person thereafter. RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE, so please book online, or by telephone: 1-800-258-3826 once you have your travel group assembled. (If you do not have a group, but would still like to use shuttle services, call the team at Super Shuttle, and let them know you will be attending our Retreat. They may be able to group you with other Fall Retreat attendees.)

**Please note: the Super Shuttle has changed it rates! The Orange County Airport is $200+ this year, so please contact CfAO if you MUST fly into or out of the Orange County Airport**

Driving from the airport? Please schedule your flight with another attendee so that you can share a ride. If you need assistance finding a carpool partner, please email the CfAO Main Office for a list of other attendees in your area.

If you have questions, please contact the CfAO Main Office by email or by calling 831-459-5711.

Information for CfAO Members

All CfAO Members will be housed at the UCLA Conference Center
Check-in Date: Thursday, November 5th
Check-in Time: 3:00 PM
Check-out Date: Sunday, November 8th (EXCEPT those invited to the Laser Workshop)
Check-out Time: Noon

You will be assigned a room in a 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment

Please contact CfAO for availability.

The Main Lodge of the UCLA Conference Center closes at Midnight. **IMPORTANT**: Please email the CfAO Main Office and let us know if you will arrive after Midnight. Late arrivals need to be noted on the rooming list so that a key and directions to your room can be provided. If you have notified us about your late arrival, your key and conference center map will be waiting for you in an envelope located to the right of the Main Lodge front door, in a black mailbox.

Travel Reimbursement Information

Required for all CfAO Members (attending a US Institution) who wish to be reimbursed for travel expenses:

  • You must always fill out and SIGN a POST TRAVEL EXPENSE FORM.

  • If you have not previously been reimbursed by UC Santa Cruz, or have changed your mailing address, you must fill out a PAYMENT DATA RECORD form STD 204. This form allows the accounting system to cut a check to you. If you are in doubt, fill it out.

  • Resident Aliens (holders of Green Cards): You MUST attach a copy of your Green Card.

  • Foreign Visitors (holders of B-1, B-2, WB, WT, J-1, F-1 and H1B Visas) - Additional Requirements:
    • Copy of your I-94 record and a copy of the signature page of your passport is required.
    • A CERTIFICATION OF ACADEMIC ACTIVITY form is required for B-1, B-2, WB and WT visas.

  • We will reimburse you for your travel costs. For those who are flying, we will reimburse the round trip airfare and the cost of ground transportation from the airport to the UCLA Conference Center.

  • Flight ticket reimbursement requirements: You must fly on a US carrier. You are expected to find the most inexpensive flight.

  • Personal vehicle reimbursement requirements: If you use your own car, you will be reimbursed at the rate of $.55 per mile, not to exceed the cost of the equivalent value of air travel.

  • Reimbursement forms will also be available at the Retreat. Remember to include all original receipts when you turn in your reimbursement forms.


YOU MUST PURCHASE AIRFARE, GROUND TRANSPORATION, HOTEL, ETC. SEPARATELY. Retain all required itemized receipts to submit with your travel reimbursement request.
  • Original itemized receipts are required for reimbursement of airfare, lodging, rental cars, etc.
  • Electronic receipts are acceptable as long as the detail provided is sufficient to substantiate the expense.
  • Reimbursement of ticket-less or e-ticket airfare expenses require that the traveler submit a copy of the e-receipt, a written receipt obtained at the airport, or a passenger receipt coupon showing the total charged and paid balance.
  • An original, itimized lodging receipt (folio) is required. If lodging is purchased via the web, include a copy of the e-receipt and the original folio you receive after your stay.
  • Photocopies of receipts are not an acceptable substitute for original receipts.

* Car Rental Instructions for University of California academics and staff:
The University of California will not reimburse for added car insurance when you rent a car, so if you don't personally have insurance that covers car rentals, the University has negotiated car rental agreements with several car rental companies that include insurance. University agreements cover any damage sustained by the rental vehicle and provide increased liability coverage. In order to be covered you must identify yourself as a University employee and provide the applicable UC ID#.
* Car Rental Instructions for Non-University of California employees:
Check with your institution for their rental car rates and policies. Use your institution's rental car agreements if possible to ensure the best rates and coverage. If your institution does not have a car rental agreement, and you do not have personal insurance that covers car rentals, non-UC employees should accept Liability (LDW) and Collision (CDW) Damage Waiver insurance ONLY when renting a vehicle. Please note that car rental companies will offer you many different types of insurance, which you should decline. We can only reimburse for Liability and Collision insurance.

If you have questions, please contact the CfAO Main Office at cfao@ucolick.org or 831-459-5592.


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Last Modified: Sep 29, 2009 

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