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CfAO Fall Science & Education Retreat 2008



CfAO Career Development Series: Thursday, 11/6 - Friday, 11/7

Fall Science & Education Retreat: Thursday, 11/6 - Sunday, 11/9

Friday, November 7th

*Plenary Sessions*

How AO Works - Astronomy & Vision Science

  • Introduction to Adaptive Optics
    Claire Max

  • History of AO Development in the Air Force IFS
    Robert Fugate

  • Basics of Adaptive Optics OCT
    Don Miller

  • Basics of Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy
    Austin Roorda
  • ExAO and Sphere
    Jean-Luc Beuzit

  • AO for ELTs
    Don Gavel

  • How OSIRIS Works
    Shelley Wright

*Parallel Sessions*

Vision Science

  • Vessel Mapping and Hemodynamics with AOSLO
    Johnny Tam

  • FPGA Programming for Online Retinal Tracking
    Qiang Yang

Astro Science

  • OSIRIS Observation of Galactic Center
    Tuan Do

  • Finding Ice on IO
    Conor Laver

  • MAD at Jupiter
    Franck Marchis

  • Evidence for Distributed Young Stellar Populations in AGN at z~1 with Keck LGSAO
    Mark Ammons

  • AO Imaging in Crowded Fields: Dense Star Clusters
    Nate McCrady

  • Characterizing and Improving Ground Based Astrometry from Keck
    Jessica Lu, Sylvana Yelda

*Plenary Session*

  • Genetics of Eye Disease: Color Vision
    Jay & Maureen Neitz

Saturday, November 8th

*Plenary Sessions--AO Performance and Characterization*

  • Astronomical AO and Error Budgets
    Bruce Macintosh

  • Improving AO Systems for Vision Science
    Julia Evans

  • Peformance of four non-SVD reconstructors for a
    MEMS-based AOSLO and Images of the Fovea
    Kaccie Li

  • Optimum Wavelength/bandwidth for Imaging vs. Wavefront
    Robert Zawadzki

  • How to Improve AO Systems for Vision Science
    Alf Dubra

*Parallel Sessions*

Vision Science

  • The Adaptive Optics Retinal Microstimulator
    Lawrence Sincich

  • Adaptive Optics Applications for Eye Tracking
    Scott Stevenson

  • Designing Optimal Aberration Profiles for Presbyopia
    Adam Hickenbotham

  • Limits of Acuity Near the Fovea
    Ethan Rossi


  • Status of MEMS Deformable Mirror Development at Boston Micromachines
    Steven Cornelissen

  • High-stroke MEMS Deformable Mirrors
    Joel Kubby

  • From Coatings to Control and Segments to Stroke: An Update of Iris AO's Segmented MEMS DM
    Michael Helmbrecht

Astro Science

  • Planetary Science Using AO (at UC Berkeley)
    Imke de Pater

  • The Science Case for Keck Next Generation Adaptive Optics
    Elizabeth McGrath

  • Accurate Dynamical Masses of Binary Brown Dwarfs:
    Combining High Spatial and High Spectral Resolution with Keck LGS-AO
    Quinn Konopacky

  • Science with IRIS: The First Light AO Instrument on TMT
    Betsy Barton

Vision Science

  • Measuring Directionality of the Retinal Reflection with a Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor
    Weihua Gao

  • Volumetric Retinal Imaging with Ultrahigh-resolution Spectral-domain Optical Coherence
    Tomography and Adaptive Optics Using two Broadband Light Sources
    Barry Cense

  • Strategies to Resolve Foveal Cones in AOSLO
    Nicole Putnam

  • Functional Imaging of Ganglion Cells
    Lu Yin

  • Small Animal AO Imaging
    Melissa Geng

Tomographic Analysis and New Systems

  • Wind Layer Velocities and Directions from WFS Telemetry
    Lisa Poyneer

  • Split Tomography Control Architecture for MCAO (and MOAO) on ELTs
    Brent Ellerbroek

  • Latest Tomography AO Results from the UCO/Lick LAO Testbed
    Luke Johnson, Mark Ammons

  • Ground-Layer Adaptive Optics Results from the Multi-LGS System on the MMT
    Michael Hart

  • Polar Coordinate Detector for Laser Guide Star Pulse Tracking
    Sean Adkins

  • Villages
    Donald Gavel

Sunday, November 9th

Vision Science

  • AOSLO Imaging of Retinal Degeneration
    Jacque Duncan

  • Comparing AOSLO and OCT Images
    Brandon Lujan

  • Reassessing the ANSI Safe Light Light Levels
    Jennifer Hunter

ExAO Developments

  • Shaped Pupil Designs for GPI
    Eric Cady

  • The Electric Field Conjunction Algorithm - an Image Plane-based
    Broadband Estimation and High Contrast Correction
    Amir Give'on

  • An Adjustable Spatial Filter for the Palomar Wave Front Sensor
    J. Kent Wallace

Laser Workshop: Sunday 11/9 - Monday 11/10

  • Specifications for Ideal Sodium Guidestars for ELTs
    Donald Gavel

  • Review of the Laser Technical Specifications for the 4LGSF Lasers
    Domenico Bonaccini Calia, Pierre-Yves Madec / ESO

  • Keck Next Generation Adaptive Optics Laser Requirements
    Sean Adkins

  • Specifications for the TMT Laser Guide Star Facility
    Corinne Boyer

  • Status of the ESO Fiber Laser Development Program
    Domenico Bonaccini Calia, Y. Feng, L. Taylor, W. Hackenberg, R. Holzlohner

  • Status Update on the LLNL 589nm Fiber Laser System
    Jay Dawson

  • LMCT Progress on AODP Pulsed Guidestar Laser
    Allen Tracy

  • Gemini South / Keck Guidestar Laser Update
    Allen Tracy

  • Evans & Sutherland Laser Technology
    Don Garner & Dennis Elkins

  • Hybrid Nd:YAG / Yb: Fiber Guidestar Laser Architecture with Easily Varied Spectrum
    Thomas Kane

  • A Cursory View of the Beacon Brightness
    Craig Denman

  • The Physics of the Sodium Atom in the Mesosphere - an Overview
    Ed Kibblewhite

  • Monte Carlo Rate Equation Simulations of LGS Return Flux
    R. Holzlohner, D. Bonaccini Calia, W. Hackenberg

  • Bloch Equation Simulation of LGS Return Flux
    R. Holzlohner, D. Bonaccini Calia, W. Hackenberg

  • Liouville Space Modeling of Sodium Guidestars
    S.W. Morgan, Y.-Y. Jau, and W. Happer

  • Magnetometry Projects and Ongoing Laser Guide Star Research
    Brian Patton, Simon Rochester


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